Laua-an is a 4th Class Municipality located in the Central part of the Province of Antique.  It is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Barbaza, on the East by the of Tapaz, Capiz, on the South by the Municipality of Bugasong and the Cuyo East Pass on the West.  It is 55.10 kilometers away from the Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista the capital town of Antique and 153 kilometers from Iloilo City.  A coastal town where the Nautical Highway passes thru, Laua-an can be reached by almost all types of land vehicles and by Roll-on Roll-off means of transportation, if one travels from Manila.

The municipality is composed of 40 barangays, 12 of which are located along the coast and the rest are considered inland/upland barangays located along two big rivers of Paningayan and Cairawan.  It has a total of 85 sitios.

The total land area of Laua-an is approximately 18,692.4565 hectares, representing 7.41% of the total land area of the Province of Antique. Of the total land area 7,832.2229 has. or 42% is alienable and disposable land and 10,860.2336  has. or 58% is classified as timber land.


Total population of Laua-an as per 2015 National Statistics Office (NSO) survey reached to 26,072 in which 51.5% or 13,427 are males and 48.5% or 12,645 are females with total households of 5,340.



  • 42 Day Care Centers
  • 12 Complete Elementary Schools
  • 3 Secondary Schools


  • 1 Rural Health Center
  • 8 Brgy. Health Stations
  • 13 Health & Nutrition Posts


Laua-an has an agricultural-based economy.  Farming is the major occupation of the people and fishing is the secondary source of income.  About 2,280.49 hectares are devoted to agricultural crop production representing 12.20% of the total land area of the municipality.

The Municipality of Laua-an produced the following :

  1. rice                         ,
  2. corn
  3.  vegetables
  4. peanuts,
  5. mango,
  6. banana,
  7. abacca and
  8. other cash crops.

 Laua-an is a muscovado sugar producing municipality of the province.


Laua-an has a total of 76.065 km of barangay roads; 2.160 km. of municipal roads; 2.450km. of provincial roads and 11.125 km. of national roads.

A mini-hydro project is being constructed at Barangay San Ramon by Sun West Water and Electric Company and at Sitio Sadsadan, Barangay Maybunga and Villa Siga, Bugasong.

Four cell sites (Globe, Sun & Smart) were installed at Barangay Poblacion, Bagongbayan and Liya-Liya respectively. It is observed that even upland barangays have signal which contributed to the improvement of information technology in the area.